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New for 2020: Adventure Camp – Easter Holidays


I’m writing to you with details of Our new members VIP club and also a major announcement for 2020 regarding our new Holiday Outdoor activity camps for kids 8+ that will keep them entertained and active in the school holidays

and I think you will like it. A lot!!

You see we’re about to change the way our existing customers access our amazing offers – especially like the new offer released  The Launch of our new Outdoor activity camps!

It’s something obvious that many, many of our customers have suggested to me many, many times over the past 12 months but something we didn’t want to rush until we were sure that we could do it really well.

In short, we’re about to launch our members VIP club where each month our VIP members will be sent an email with a special, discounted offer for one of our services.  These offers are for our VIP members only and are only made available to you for a very short period of time.


  • We’ve got Lasergaming with 4 live gaming arenas with helicopters, a bus, a APC, buildings, a maze and much more
  • We’ve got High Ropes – 42 obstacles, 3 zip lines and 2 tarzan swings*
  • If your child is aged between 8-10 then they will only have access to zone 2 on our high ropes course to check suitability.  If they are confident enough to complete the rest of z
  • We’ve got crate stacking
  • We’ve got a Tree swing
  • We’ve got Zip lines
  • We’ve got a 42ft sky jump
  • We’ve got a mini orienteering challenge
  • We’ve got team challenge stations
  • We’ve got tree climbing
  • We’ve got Shelter building
  • We’ve got outdoor cooking
  • We’ve got wide games
  • We’ve got bridge building games
  • We’ve got camp fires
  • We’ve got woodland crafts
  • We’ve got a memory trail
  • We’ve got search and retrieve games
  • We’ve got Camoflauge and concealment
  • We’ve got mud!
  • We’ve got Battle Royale
  • We’ve got a 50 acre woodland, the fresh air and the ability to have lots of fun, rain or shine!