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4-day Adventure Camps

Multi Activity Adventure Camp……The Ultimate kids Adventure – 2023 Dates

For children aged 10-16 years only – No adults required!

*Please note: the camp is not for adults and we need at least 10 players in total booked on.

We’ve carefully chosen our most popular activities from over the years that kids just love and put them all together to make the ultimate 4-day outdoor adventure camp


We’ve got……..

  • We’ve got Lasergaming with 4 live gaming arenas with helicopters, a bus, a APC, buildings, a maze and much more
  • We’ve got High Ropes – 42 obstacles, 3 zip lines and 2 tarzan swings*
  • We’ve got crate stacking
  • We’ve got a Tree swing
  • We’ve got Zip lines
  • We’ve got a 42ft sky jump
  • We’ve got a mini orienteering challenge
  • We’ve got team challenge stations
  • We’ve got tree climbing
  • We’ve got Shelter building
  • We’ve got outdoor cooking
  • We’ve got wide games
  • We’ve got bridge building games
  • We’ve got camp fires
  • We’ve got woodland crafts
  • We’ve got a memory trail
  • We’ve got search and retrieve games
  • We’ve got Camouflage and concealment
  • We’ve got mud!
  • We’ve got Battle Royale
  • We’ve got a 50 acre woodland, the fresh air and the ability to have lots of fun, rain or shine!
  • We like being outdoors, we get muddy and we have fun!


October Dates – 4-day Adventure camp in 2023.

  • Tuesday 11th April – Friday 14th April
  • Timings – Drop the kids off at 9am and collect them promptly at 5.30pm 
  • Cost£249 for the 4-day adventure camp, per child (age 10yrs-16yrs).
  • Availability – Spaces are LIMITED!! Places are available on a first-come, first-served basis, when they are gone, they are gone.
  • Please note this is a 4-day camp, we do not offer the flexibility to book for individual days, and we cannot accommodate late drop-offs, early pick-ups or players arriving/departing at different times.
  • Online waivers required for each player.


4-day, Multi-Activity Camps

October 4-day Outdoor Multi-Adventure Camp – Tuesday 11th April – Friday 14th April 2023  – 9am-5.30pm –

  • The Ultimate Kids Outdoor Adventure Camp!
  • Rain & Shine Camp, we are an all-weather and wet weather activity camp.
  • 4 days of amazing fun activities
  • Tuesday 11th April – Friday 14th April 2023
  • 9am-5.30pm – this is a day camp, not overnight.  Drop off each day at 9am and Collect promptly at 5.30pm
  • Includes Lasergaming, High Ropes, Sky Jump, Tree climbing, Shelter building, Zip Lines, Team challenges, Crate stacking and loads more outdoor adventure activities
  • For players aged 10yrs-16yrs
  • £249 for the 4 days (£199 for a limited time only)
  • Warm outdoor clothing must be worn, a waterproof coat, thin gloves, and trainers or walking boots.
  • Booking Terms and Conditions apply, please click here
  • To BOOK ONLINE NOW click here
  • Outdoor adventure camp, in all weathers, rain or shine.




  • Adventure Days & Adventure Camps FAQ

    Below are a collection of questions other people have asked in the hope that this can be of help in the future.

    Is this suitable for girls?

    Absolutely YES!  The girls LOVE Lasergaming, there is NO paint, NO projectiles, No Pain, NO bruises, NO masks and NO protective clothing needed just to play. We have 8 different gaming guns to choose from so we have the light weight SMG’s that are only 2kg and we also have the big guns that weight 4kg so something for everyone in team.  The way our games are structured it isn’t all about who is the fastest and strongest, there are many roles within the team and girls LOVE Lasergaming because they feel they can join in the fun without being covered in bruises the next day!

    Do we play with the people we book with?

    Yes, when you arrive and we split the teams up we will ask you to stand with the people you want to stay with, we will then bunch lots of small groups into 2-4 main teams so you get to stay with your friends.

    What is the minimum number we can book for?

    You can book individual places or multiple places.  There isn't a minimum number for booking.

    Does there need to be a minimum number of players for the day to go ahead?

    Yes! We need a minimum of 10 players for each adventure day to go ahead. Our games are team games and we need players to make the experience fun. We will keep an eye on numbers in the run up to the event to make sure the day can go ahead but in the event we do not have enough players and we have to cancel the adventure day due to low numbers, we will contact you and you will have the choice to change the session to an alternative date or you can be refunded in full. Our aim is to give you 48hrs notice of any event cancellations

    Can we provisionally book places?

    Unfortunately we do not offer provisional bookings as all our bookings are offered online on a first come first served basis.  We do get booked up very quickly so we recommend booking as soon as possible.

    Will it hurt?

    Lasergaming has no projectiles so there is NO paint, NO projectiles, No Pain, NO bruises, NO masks and NO protective clothing needed just to play.

    What clothing/footwear do you need to wear?

    Depending on the time of year players will need to wear appropriate outdoor clothing - there is no such thing as bad weather just bad clothing!

    For winter months we recommend warm layered clothing, waterproof coat/Jacket, old clothes you don't mind getting muddy and grubby in the woodland, trainers or walking boots only - no open toed/open heeled shoes.  Shoes must have adequate ankle support for outdoor use.  Thin gloves, and anything else to keep players warm.

    In summer months we recommend long trousers (we are a woodland and insects live int he woodland), long sleeved t-shirt, trainers or walking boots only - no open toed/open heeled shoes. Shoes must have adequate ankle support for outdoor use.

    You may wish to bring a thick waterproof coat if raining. We recommend sunscreen and insect repellent.

    Please leave all valuables at home

    How old does my child need to be?

    The minimum age for our adventure days is 8 years old. In line with our insurance and health and safety policies, we can not accommodate 7 year olds under any circumstances. This includes children who are nearly 8. The maximum age for adventure days is 16 years old.

    The minimum age for our adventure camps is 10 years old due to how physically, mentally and emotionally demanding the camp is. The maximum age for adventure days is 16 years old.

    Is there somewhere to park when dropping off the kids?

    Yes we have plenty of FREE parking and also coach and minibus parking. Players and visitors park at their own risk. Please note Lasergaming and High Ropes LTD does not accept liability for any loss or damage to motor vehicles, their accessories or contents whilst parked in our carpark. Please leave all valuables at home and take care when entering and exiting the carpark as children are around. Please note Dogs are Not allowed in the woodland.

    Do I need to stay with my child?

    No, In line with our child protection policies, Parents do not stay on site, our kids adventure days are for kids only! Parents drop the kids off and then pick them up at the end of the day.  Abingdon town centre is 2 miles away, Didcot 4 miles and Oxford city 8 miles should you want to do some shopping whilst waiting.

    Do I need to sign an online waiver for my child?

    Yes, all players under 18 years old must have a signed online waiver form signed by their parents/legal guardian to play.  NO FORM – NO PLAY.  These are sent to you before the camp/day. If a parent highlights a medical condition, they must provide details before the day, for example, if they have ticked back injury, they must provide details on the nature of the injury, how long ago etc.  If we feel the injury or medical condition may need further assessment we will recommend you discuss taking part in our activities with your GP as we are not medically qualified to assess you suitability to take part.a

    Our online waiver forms require the parent to confirm that they do not know of any medical condition that their child suffers from which might have the effect of making it more likely that whilst under our care, the player be involved in an incident, which could result in injury to themselves or others.  This includes epilepsy, seizures, convulsions, Asthma, Back problems, recent injuries and other conditions.  In the event a participant discloses a medical condition, we would recommend they have written consent or obtained medical guidance from their doctor to take part in the activities.

    In order to play Lasergaming, all players must be able to safely negotiate their way around our woodland and gaming zones and be able to hold their gaming gun unassisted throughout the duration of the gaming.  They must be free from serious injury.  Please email us at lasergaming@oxfordadventurepark.com if you are unsure about taking part.

    With good preparation and management of the session, it is not very often players can not take part, it is better to call us and check beforehand if there is anything you are unsure about so we can make preparations for that particular player, conduct the necessary risk assessments and check suitability in line with our company policies rather than them turn up on the day, and they can not take part due lack of time for preparation for medical conditions and injuries. They will also need time to check with their GP.  If we have recommended you check suitability or you disclose a medical condition, injury on the day on your disclaimer which we think increases the risk by you participating in our activities, we will ask you to sign an additional disclaimer if we allow the child to take part.

    In line with health and safety legislation, If a player ticks the Asthma Box, they must have a inhaler with them to take part. We can not allow players to take part without their life saving medication to treat them in the event it is needed regardless of how long ago it was since they last had an attack.

    Please note we can not allow players with fractures, recent injuries, suspected fracture, broken bones or players in casts to take part. If your child has had any injury/surgery/sprain/fracture/break in the last 6 weeks, they will be unable to take part

    What happens if it rains?

    Being in the UK where it rains ALOT, We are a wet weather activity which means we run our sessions in all weathers all year round. Providing you have the right outdoor clothing which is Key, you will still have an awesome time!  Our woodland is sheltered with leaf cover for most of the year.  It may be a good idea to bring a spare pair of socks, change of clothes and some carrier bags for the journey home 🙂

    How do I book?

    To book your session pop over to our book online tab and select Adventure days.  Add the dates to the cart you wish to attend and check out.

    Do we pay a deposit or pay in full when booking?

    To secure the booking you will need to pay in full at the time of booking.  Payment can be made by credit or debit card.

    Can I increase numbers nearer the time?

    Yes of course subject to availability, you can pop back online anytime and check to see if there is space and if so book online.  Please note however our adventure days get booked up quickly so if we are full, we will be unable to offer anymore places.

    What happens if I book and then my child can't make it?

    If your booking is 30 days or more prior to the adventure day then you will receive a refund.  If the booking is for 30 days or less prior to the adventure day then unfortunately no refunds will be given for no shows, late notice cancellations or on the day illness's. The places are transferable for the same day so another child can come instead BUT they are not transferable to alternative dates.  To keep the costs down for all parents, we do not provide travel insurance or insurance for bookings that covers on the day illness's or late notice cancellations. Please note for refunds, the refund will be minus the card processing and refund fees that have ben applied by stripe. Terms and conditions apply to all bookings and can be found here. https://outdoorlaser.com/booking-terms-and-conditions/

    What are the drop off and pick up times

    Drop off is from 8.50am for a 9am start and pick up at 5.30pm promptly.  On Arrival in the morning, please walk up to the forest shelter and sign your child in.  Pick up is also from the forest shelter where you will need to sign your child out. Please note, we can not offer flexibility on arrival and departure times. For our 4-day camp, we can not offer flexibility on arrival and departure times and we do no offer bookings for individual days. We recommend if your child has prior commitments in those 4 days you book an alternative date when they can attend all day. We do not offer the facility for you to pick up and drop off your child at various times

    Can we buy food onsite?

    Food is currently not available on site.

    Can I order dogtags?

    Yes, you certainly can.  The dogtags are part of our adventure day ranking system so players can earn their ranks and progress the more they play.  Dogtags are £3.99 each and players will receive player perks depending on their rank in game. Dogtags can be pre-ordered at the time of booking or ordered on the day.

    **Additional Adventure Camp Only - Q & A
    **Can I book more than one child in?

    Yes of course! All places are subject to availability, so when the places are gone, they are gone!

    **Can I book both weeks?

    Yes! . All places are subject to availability, so when the places are gone, they are gone!

    **What if my child doesn't like heights?

    There are plenty of ground activities to do on the 4 day camp and we always have a ground activity as an alternative to any air activities. We are challenge by choice so the kids do what they feel comfortable doing.

    **My son/daughter is 8 years old, can they join the camp?

    Our minimum age for camp is 10 years old. After careful review, we have decided to go back to the minimum age of 10 years due to the emotional, physical and emotional demands of the camp.

    **Do they need to bring a packed lunch?

    Yes, they need to bring a big hearty packed lunch (adventure activities require energy) or they can purchase burgers or pizzas from us at lunch time for an additional cost. All burgers and pizzas have to be pre-ordered at morning registration.

    **Can I stay with my child?

    No, our camps are for children only.

    **Is there plenty of lasergaming?

    Of course! Lasergaming is our No1 Activity and the kids would go crazy if it wasn't included every day and didn't get plenty of gaming time! We run lasergaming sessions every day so plenty of time for some battle Royale!

    **Is it suitable for boys and girls

    It certainly is!

    **What happens if it rains?

    We carry on! We are a wet weather activity provider. We have a forest shelter in the woodland but all our activities are wet weather activities. The right clothing is KEY to outdoor adventure so making sure that the kids have the correct outdoor clothing will ensure they can stay comfortable. We also have fires going if it rains too!

    **Can I drop off my child later or pick them up early?

    No. For our 4-day camp, we can not offer flexibility on arrival and departure times and we do no offer bookings for individual days or half days. We recommend if your child has prior commitments in those 4 days you book an alternative date when they can attend all day. We do not offer the facility for you to pick up and drop off your child at various times, this limits the activities we can do, affects all sessions and activities and disrupts the groups

    **My child is ill or can only attend one of the days, can I be refunded the rest of the week?

    No. We do not refund any sessions for on the day illnesses, non attendance, no shows, other commitments you may have, any covid related issues or anything else. Please see our terms and conditions here before booking https://outdoorlaser.com/booking-terms-and-conditions/ -

          We will email out all the links to the online waivers and all the info you need for the camp the week before the camp commences.