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After you have booked your adventure day

Thanks for booking your adventure day with us – we can’t wait to see you all!

In preparation for the day, below is some important info –


  • Disclaimer and Registration forms – CHANGES DUE TO COVID!!!

All Disclaimers will now be issued electronically before the sessions/camps.  We are just finalising these details so will send you the information as soon as it is ready.

  • Medical issues

Please note if your child has any medical issues that require any medication such as Asthma, nut allergy etc, they MUST have the medication with them in order to play on the day.  We are unable to allow any children to take part without the necessary medication to treat their medical condition.  If your child is asthmatic and doesn’t have their inhaler they will be unable to take part regardless of when their last attack was, this is a health and safety requirement and an insurance requirement.

Please note children with any broken bones, fractures, hairline cracks, dislocations, braces or casts can not take part!

  • What are the timings of the day?

The adventure day is from 9am – 5.30pm for April, June and Summer dates.

The adventure day is from 9am-4.30pm for February, October dates and December dates.


  • What is the format of the day?

You can drop the kids off from 8.55am at the forest shelter in the woodland.  Please park up and walk up the concrete track to the forest shelter to sign your child in.  Once signed in you will hand in your disclaimer forms and registrations forms.  At 9am, the kids will start the safety briefing,  begin kit up and weapon issue. Once kitted up and ready the safety brief will begin and weapons training will commence. We will then form the teams and then brief the first mission and send you on your way.  Throughout the rest of the morning session, other mission objectives will be given to you and the awesome gaming will continue until the end of the morning session. The games are pretty full on and immersive so it will be action-packed.

We will then break for lunch where a selection of hot food, snacks, and refreshments are available to buy from the Forest Cafe.

After Lunch we will then be playing some of our advanced missions we which we don’t usually get to play in our birthday party sessions as time doesn’t permit. These advanced ops specifically for our adventure day players require team strategy, communication and tactics and are awesome missions that the kids will love. We also use bigger areas to play the missions and the kids will be immersed in gameplay for hours.

At 5.15pm we will return for team photos, dekit and debrief and the kids will be ready for pick up at 5.30pm (or 4.30pm if October, December or February).  Please walk up to the woodland and sign your child out.

  • What clothing does my child need to wear?

Depending on the time of year players will need to wear appropriate outdoor clothing – there is no such thing as bad weather just bad clothing!

For winter months we recommend warm layered clothing, waterproof coat/Jacket, old clothes you don’t mind getting muddy and grubby in the woodland, trainers or walking boots only – no open-toed/open heeled shoes. Shoes must have adequate ankle support for outdoor use. Thin gloves, and anything else to keep players warm.

In summer months we recommend long trousers (we are a woodland and insects live in the woodland), long-sleeved t-shirt, trainers or walking boots only – no open-toed/open heeled shoes. Shoes must have adequate ankle support for outdoor use.

You may wish to bring a thick waterproof coat if raining. We recommend sunscreen and insect repellent.  Please leave all valuables such as phones and personal items
at home

  • What happens if it rains?

Being in the UK where it rains ALOT, We are a wet weather activity which means we run our sessions in all weathers all year round. Providing you have the right outdoor clothing which is Key, you will still have an awesome time!  Our woodland is sheltered with leaf cover for most of the year.  It may be a good idea to bring a spare pair of socks, a change of clothes and some carrier bags for the journey home 🙂

  • Is there a minimum number of players needed for the day to go ahead?

Yes! We need a minimum of 10 players for each adventure day to go ahead. Our games are team games and we need players to make the experience fun. We will keep an eye on numbers in the run-up to the event to make sure the day can go ahead but in the event, we do not have enough players and we have to cancel the adventure day due to low numbers, you have the choice to change the session to an alternative date or you can be refunded in full. Our aim is to give you 48hrs notice of any event cancellations.

  • Does my child need a packed lunch?

Yes, your child can need to bring a packed lunch (Big hearty one!)  We ask all children to bring a drink in a re-sealable container.   We provide plenty of water and squash throughout the day, so they can fill up anytime.

  • How do we order dog-tags?

Dog-tags allow player perks during games and are collectible.  Each time your child attends they can purchase a dog tag to allow them to move up ranks.  They are military-grade and are a great memento of the day!  

Dogtags must be ordered by 8pm the night before the adventure day at the latest.  They are £3.99 and you pay cash on the day.  If ordering a dogtag, please email over the info for lines 1-3 to us at lasergaming@oxfordadventurepark.com   Dog tags will be issued at the end of the day in the player de-brief.

If it is your child’s first tag, they will be private.  If unsure, please let me know what rank your child is already and how many tags they have at this rank and we will adjust accordingly.

Personalised tags – There are only 13 spaces on each line.  Each character, symbol or space takes up a space.

Line 1; your child’s name
Line 2; Their player name/nick name
Line 3; Their rank, if not know it will be private
Line 4 & 5 our info.

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You can find the directions to our site here; 

Please follow the signs for Oxford adventure park and then park in the carpark and walk up to the woodland.

If you have any further questions, please email lasergaming@oxfordadventurepark.com