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We are always on the lookout for Super Star Instructors!!!  Part Time and Full time positions are available for the right candidate.


We are looking for instructors who are passionate about providing the best experience possible to our customers of all ages, going the extra mile, helping them get the most out of their experience with us.


Our instructors leading the session need to be Positive, enthusiastic, happy, likeable confident individuals who are hot on safety, have an empathetic, supportive nature, give excellent service and also like being outdoors in all weathers, including the rain!

As you can imagine, we get inundated with application’s, so to make things easier for us (and you too), to shortlist for interview, we thought we’d introduce a “shortlist yourself” part to our recruiting process. This way you can tell us why we should shortlist you for an interview and by doing so you can check if the job is really suited to you.

Application forms don’t give you an opportunity to really tell us why you’re perfect for the job and when we are looking through CV’s, well we don’t really get a sense of who you are or if you have the right qualities we need.

Finding the right superstar instructors with the right superstar qualities is our focus, not what grade you got in Art GCSE when you were 15.

We provide full lasergaming training for our instructors, but some certain qualities you will need to have already, to combine with the top lasergaming training we will be giving you and those qualities come from you, so let’s get started on getting to know you and you can tell us what they are….. Start the Lasergaming pre-interview application now below