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Birthday Party Waiver

online waiver

online waiverThe links to the online waivers for players.

Here is the link to the online waiver that needs to be completed for your child prior to arrival. The online waiver has 2 parts to sign.  Please note if your child is under 18, the waiver must be completed and signed by a parent/guardian.  You can either access the waiver form via the browser link or the QR code option.  You do not need to do both!

Under 18’s Child waiver linkBrowser https://app.cleverwaiver.com/render/templateByRefId/6087f7fcf9cbf41a7bc07d12

If your child is under 18 please only complete the under 18’s waiver on their behalf.

If you prefer to access by QR code – Under 18’s Child waiver




If you have any adults playing as part of your numbers booked, please ask them to fill in the over 18’s form below.

Adult – Over 18 Waiver –   Browser link https://app.cleverwaiver.com/render/templateByRefId/60a773476d8c4f5fcf1d6ac8

(Only to be completed by players over the age of 18).

If you prefer to access by QR code – Adult – Over 18 Waiver

Please note the above QR codes are for online waiver forms.  They are not QR codes are not for the NHS Track and trace app that needs to be scanned on arrival on site.  This is a separate QR code. If you have any issues with the above links then please email us at lasergaming@oxfordadventurepark.com
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online waiverIf you need directions – you can find them here
waiver app
electronic waiver
digital waiver