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Important Allergy Information

Important Allergy Information

We are NOT an allergen-free site.

Our organization is allergen-aware – NOT allergen-free. There is also a risk of contamination for all allergies. As we are a 50-acre woodland, we cannot sanitize all areas.


Types of Allergies

  1. Ingestion-Only Allergies:

 Definition: These allergies occur when a person consumes a specific allergen (such as nuts, dairy, or shellfish).

Reaction Trigger: The allergic reaction is triggered only when the allergen is eaten.

Management: Avoiding foods that contain the allergen is the primary way to manage this type of allergy.


  1. Direct Contact Allergies:

Definition: These occur when a person comes into direct physical contact with an allergen.

Reaction Trigger: The allergic reaction is triggered by touching the allergen 

Management: Avoiding direct contact with the allergen and washing hands and surfaces thoroughly to remove any allergen traces.

Important Note: We cannot guarantee that staff, players, guests, props, the items in our woodland, and our woodland are not contaminated with allergens. There is no way of knowing if someone/something touched something with an allergen on it or washing down the whole site.  There is an increased risk when participating with a direct contact allergy.


  1. Indirect Contact (Airborne, Proximity, Cross-Contact, Trace contact) Allergies:

Definition: These occur when a person is exposed to an allergen indirectly, such as through the air, by being near someone who has handled or consumed the allergen or by touching a surface that someone else has touched who may have touched the allergen or where there may be trace residue.

Reaction Trigger: The allergic reaction is triggered by airborne particles, proximity to the allergen, or touching surfaces with trace amounts of the allergen.

Management: Avoiding environments where the allergen might be present in the air or on surfaces, or where there is a likelihood of cross-contact and trace contact, which is challenging to control, especially in open or public spaces.

Important Note:

Indirect contact allergies, especially to nuts, are a significant issue due to the number of players, staff, guests, previous sessions, and animals and wildlife on site. Additionally, we have tree nuts on site, and squirrels and other wildlife can move food around, further complicating the management of such allergies.

Unfortunately, we cannot safely accommodate players who have severe indirect contact allergies, cross-contact allergies and trace contact allergies where even being in the same area as someone who has ingested an allergen (such as nuts) can trigger a reaction. This type of allergy can be particularly challenging to manage because allergens can be transferred and present in trace amounts on various surfaces, as well as be airborne and triggered by proximity.

We have taken many precautions to accommodate players with direct contact and ingestion-only allergies so they can safely participate in our activities. However, the risks associated with an indirect allergy of this severity are beyond what we can safely mitigate on our site.


Reasonable Adjustments and Inclusivity

We strive to be inclusive and provide reasonable adjustments for players with allergies. Our policies and procedures are designed to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all participants while acknowledging the limitations of our environment:

  • Allergen Awareness: Our staff are trained to recognise and respond to allergic reactions. We are committed to ongoing education and training to improve our understanding and management of allergies.
  • Risk Minimisation: We take steps to minimise the risk of allergen exposure, including requesting that birthday parents avoid bringing certain high-risk foods for specific events like birthday parties and promoting washing of hands/santising hands to players.
  • Clear Communication: We encourage open communication between parents, participants, and our staff to ensure that we are aware of any specific needs and can make necessary adjustments.

Despite our best efforts, the nature of our outdoor, woodland environment means we cannot guarantee an allergen-free space.

For players with severe indirect contact allergies, where the risk of airborne or surface contamination is high, we believe it is reasonable and necessary for their safety that they do not participate in our sessions.


Allergy Risks and Our Environment

Please note we have tree nuts on site and we are NOT an allergen-free site. There is also a risk of contamination from allergens directly and indirectly. 

We also have, but not limited to, dust, animals, insects, plants, wasps, bees, and other wildlife, animals, and insects in the woodland. 

There is an inherent risk that other participants, guests and staff may have consumed, touched, or indirectly come into contact with various allergens, including but not limited to nuts, dairy, fish, gluten, etc., prior to or during the activities.

Given the nature of our woodland environment, where nut trees and various wildlife are present, it is impossible for us to guarantee an allergen-free space. We cannot ensure that there are no airborne particles or trace amounts of allergens throughout our 50-acre facility.


Food and Allergies

Although we do not provide food directly, some sessions like birthday parties and group sessions have food brought in for players to eat. Due to the vast number of possible allergens, we do not request that players and parents restrict or not bring in foods/items that contain allergens. We have limited control, visibility, and therefore limited responsibility for food brought into the woodland and items that contain allergens. 

For birthday parties, we ask parents to take necessary precautions and avoid things like whole nuts. Players should inform the organiser/birthday parent directly of their allergy.

The risk of allergen exposure is also heightened by players who may bring food from home and the presence of wildlife that can move food around. Given our high player throughput and the outdoor nature of our site, it is impossible for us to check with everyone who may visit our site that they haven’t eaten or touched anything containing allergens.


Important Updates for Players with Allergies

At Lasergaming, we’re dedicated to providing a safe and enjoyable experience for all our participants. As part of our ongoing commitment to health and safety, we’re introducing an important update to our procedures for players with allergies. Please note we do not supervise food areas or have visibility when players eat.

  • Allergy Online Waiver Requirement: We require an additional online waiver to be completed for any players with allergies, in addition to the usual online waiver. This new step is crucial in helping us better understand and manage the specific needs of each player with allergies.
  • Allergen Awareness: Our site is an allergen-aware environment, not allergen-free. Our 50-acre woodland is a natural habitat with nut trees, tree nuts present in and around gaming areas and zones, as well as but not limited to dust, animals, insects, plants, wasps, and bees. Given the outdoor and expansive nature of our setting, complete sanitisation of all areas is not possible.
  • Contamination Risk: There is a risk of contamination from allergens, both directly and indirectly. While we take steps to minimise this risk, it’s important to recognise that players might still bring food/snacks containing allergens. Although we are not an allergen-free environment, where possible, we try and ask parents having parties to avoid bringing whole nuts, like peanuts and pistachios, into the woodland. However, due to the vast number of possible allergens, we do not request that players and parents restrict or not bring in foods/items that contain allergens and cannot police this. We have limited control, visibility, and therefore limited responsibility for food brought into the woodland and items that contain allergens. If you are attending a group or birthday event, we ask you to inform the organiser/birthday parent directly of any player’s allergy.
  • Waiver Details: The new waiver is for both mild and severe allergies, food and non-food allergies, including a checklist for players with anaphylaxis and information for managing non-anaphylactic allergic reactions. All forms must be completed 24 hours prior to the session. If the player has anaphylaxis, it’s essential that their Allergy Action Plan is uploaded with the waiver. They cannot take part without it.
  • Birthday Cakes, Food, and Snacks: While we recognise that it’s not feasible to prohibit all items containing common allergens from being brought on site as there are too many common allergens to ask our parents to avoid, we place a strong emphasis on the importance of sharing with players that our setting is allergen-aware. Please remind your guests not to share foods. Due to the vast number of possible allergens, we do not request that players and parents restrict or not bring in foods/items that contain allergens. We have limited control, visibility, and therefore limited responsibility for food brought into the woodland and items that contain allergens. If you are attending a group or birthday event, we ask you to inform the organiser/birthday parent directly of any player’s allergy.


Key Points for Guests:


  • No Food Sharing: It’s crucial that all players understand not to share their food or drinks with others. This simple rule can significantly reduce the risk of exposure to allergens for players with allergies.
  • Responsible Food Handling: Players should not throw food or engage in food fights. Such actions can inadvertently spread allergens and pose a risk to those with allergies.
  • Cleanliness: Encouraging parents and orgainsers to encourage their guests to wash their hands before and after eating helps minimise the risk of allergen transfer. Please remind your guests to wash their hands or bring along some hand wipes so you can be confident that has been done.
  • Our Collective Effort: By fostering an environment where players are mindful of these practices, we can work together to ensure a safer space for all participants, including those with allergies. We ask for your support in discussing these guidelines with your guests ahead of their visit to us.


Additional Allergy Information for Laser Gaming Sessions

Most parents and players may not be familiar with allergens present in foods and other substances. Therefore, we strongly encourage all parents and players with allergies to educate themselves about potential allergens and take necessary precautions.

If any player has allergies, please:

  • Inform the Birthday Parents/Organisers: Make sure the hosts of the event are aware of the player’s allergies in advance.
  • Educate the Player: Ensure the player knows what foods and substances to avoid.
  • Bring Safe Snacks: Consider bringing allergen-free snacks and beverages for the player to enjoy during the session
  • Communicate Clearly: You need to inform us before the session so we can manage the session safely and assess suitability. Turning up and expecting us to just deal with it is not acceptable
  • Complete the Allergy Waiver: An additional online waiver for allergies is required, along with a checklist for players that require auto-injectors.


Important Notes for Severe Allergies

Auto-Injector Requirement: 

For anaphylactic allergies, players must bring 2 appropriate and prescribed auto-injectors to the session, along with an allergy action plan prescribed by a healthcare professional (doctor, GP, or nurse). This plan should include critical details such as:

  •   The allergen(s) to avoid
  •   The management of a mild-moderate and severe reaction
  •   What the allergy is to
  •   Dosage and consent
  •   A recent photo of the player

  The allergy action plan MUST be signed by a medical professional for the correct Injector.

We cannot accept documents written by parents or that are not signed. 

If dosage and weight are on the form, ensure it is recent and based on the player’s current weight. The action plan must be attached to the additional allergy waiver and a hard copy must be brought on the day of the session, as recommended by the medical professional to keep with the auto-injectors at all times. 

We will not admit any players with allergies without this allergy management plan.


Administering Medication: 

Our staff are trained to respond to allergic reactions, but they are not healthcare professionals. In the event of an allergic reaction, our staff can assist in administering the prescribed auto-injector and seek emergency medical treatment. However, we cannot administer any tablet form of allergy treatment.


Antihistamine Self-Administration: If the treatment involves antihistamines, the player must be able to self-administer, as our staff are not allowed to administer tablets.


We understand the risks associated with these allergies and the player’s participation in our activities. Our primary concern is the safety and well-being of all our players. Therefore, we believe it is essential for parents/adults to take the necessary precautions and consider the suitability of the activity for their child’s and their own specific health needs.

If you have any questions, please contact us at lasergaming@oxfordadventurepark.com and we will be happy to discuss those with you further.