Oxfords leading Laser Tag Gaming Centre


About Us

We are Oxfordshire’s premier birthday party provider for outdoor adventure activities, Battlefield LIVE Oxford, outdoor lasertag and lasergaming parties for kids and adults.

We have been providing Outdoor Adventure Laser Parties and activities in Oxfordshire since 2003 to kids, Adults, schools, youth organisations, families and many more

 We were the first provider in the UK of outdoor lasergaming/outdoor laser tag and are the longest standing Battlefield LIVE operator in the UK and Europe.

We are the HQ for UK & EU Sales of Battlefield Sports lasertag Equipment

We pride ourselves in offering the best live combat gaming experience using the latest technology available in purpose built gaming zones on a old military site in Oxfordshire.

We have one of the largest battlefields in the UK

 We were the first Battlefield in the UK to change from the old Analogue guns to having the New Battlefield LIVE S.A.T.R Digital gaming guns, and the first battlefield in the UK to have the latest upgrades for technology ensuring our players have the very best experience technology and we can offer. We believe our customers deserve the best, and nothing less.
 We have 8 different gaming guns, medic boxes and claymore mines and we are the only site in the UK to hold additional supporting equipment such as a Wessex Helicopter, missile gaming system, .30cal machine gun, .50cal machine gun and military vehicles.
We are the only Battlefield LIVE operator that offers all 8 gaming guns and we have over 80+ gaming guns available including the popular P90.
 We are one of the only sites in the UK that owns their own Battlefield that is purpose built for Lasergaming and is open all year, rain sleet or snow!
 We have our own investment programme to ensure we always offer the latest gaming experience, technology and latest gaming guns to all who visit us.

What is Battlefield LIVE/Lasergaming?

Battlefield LIVE / Lasergaming is an authentic live action combat gaming experience based on the most popular computer games such as Call of Duty, Halo and Battlefield. We use sophisticated infra red gaming guns, using the latest digital technology that are realistic and have real time feedback scoring systems. Our games are team based and involve strategy, tactics and team work. No paint is involved, no masks, goggles, or unsightly bruises! We have 7 different gaming guns to choose from, including the popular P90 and we are the only site in the UK that also have additional supporting equipment used in our games including our .30cal machine gun, .50cal machine gun, missile system and FV432 armoured personnel carrier.

We provide sessions for:

  • Junior Birthday Parties
  • Adult Birthday Parties
  • Stag & Hen events
  • Corporate Events
  • Summer holiday activity programme
  • School events
  • Youth organisations and Sports teams
  • Private parties
  • other organisations and groups